AccountantsWhy a Career in Public Accounting is a Solid Choice

Penny processors. Bean counters. Number crunchers. We’ve heard them all. When it comes to choosing a career, a career in accounting is typically not at the top of the list of exciting professions. But don’t believe it. We are here to tell you that there are a variety of reasons to consider a career in public accounting.

Accountants are always in demand

For any business to succeed, it is important to keep a close eye on its financials. However, most business owners want to (and should) focus on what brings in revenue rather than managing the financials themselves. That is where accountants come in and why they are a critical asset. And with increasing automation in the profession, most accountants will spend less time on the calculation side of the work and more time advising business owners on strategy.

It isn’t all about math

We won’t lie, it is important to understand how numbers work and be able to set up calculations. But we use software and calculators just like everyone else does. What is more important is understanding what the numbers mean so you can provide insight and guidance for clients.

The jobs pay well

Entry level accounting positions are consistently listed as some of the highest paid jobs, and salaries go up from there. Currently, college graduates can expect to start at more than $40k and quickly move up from there as you gain experience. The beauty of beginning your career with a firm is that you can “try on” different roles, expand your skills, and see if you prefer to spend time determine a possible career path in tax, audit, consulting, or even outsourced accounting.

You will be a lifelong learner

One of the best things about working in public accounting is that each day brings new challenges. By working with a variety of clients in multiple industries, you will be faced with exposed to unique and exciting issues on a regular basis. The profession requires you to take continuing education classes to maintain your license, which will expose you to new developments and ways to address client concerns.

Positions are (nearly) recession-proof

While no job is completely safe during a recession, a career in accounting comes with much more stability than most. When businesses are forced to make difficult financial decisions due to reduced revenue, they need the advice of accountants more than ever. We can help identify unnecessary spending, uncover untapped tax strategies, and rework strained budgets to help a business navigate and survive difficult times.

A career in accounting is highly respected

The accounting profession is known for its integrity, and accountants are considered some of the most trustworthy and ethical professionals in the business environment. This brings with it a credibility and level of respect that many other positions simply do not have.

You spend your time helping people

The work accountants do brings value to clients greater than the fees they charge. Because you have knowledge and perspective that others don’t have, the advice you give is valuable and appreciated by the business owners you serve. While they may not always want to hear what you have to say, they will know that it is important and should be carefully considered.

 You can work in any industry

While we think a career in accounting is one of the best, should you decide it isn’t for you, the world is still your oyster. Every company, regardless of its size, needs accounting support and leadership. You will have vast opportunities to pursue and can determine the path that is best for you because your skills will always be in demand.

 At RSW, we are always looking for talented people to join our team, so if you are interested in learning more about the profession as a whole or our firm in particular, reach out to us at to schedule a conversation. We are always happy to help!