Today’s complex and changing tax requirements make it essential to align your tax strategies with your business needs. Our tax professionals help you identify the right tax solution for your overall tax position. Our tax plans not only identify ways to help you save money, they also a build strong foundation for future success.

Tax planning is becoming a vital business requisite and should be a strategy that is a year-round process as part of your overall financial plan. We continually communicate with our clients to provide practical solutions to help them optimize their tax liability. We alert them to changes in tax laws that could affect them and assist in making the necessary changes to their tax strategy.

RSW provides our clients with sound tax strategies that integrate with their long-term business goals. We specialize in complex business and individual situations such as voluntary disclosures, estate freezes, and non-resident tax issues. Our goal is to create business value through tax planning and to minimize tax exposure for our clients. RSW specialists consider every aspect of a clients’ situation, including short and long term goals and priorities, and continually update their plans as financial situations change so as to maximize tax savings and satisfy evolving goals. Our ultimate purpose is to add value to a client’s business or personal situation by helping them plan the most effective tax strategies available.

We are diligent and proficient at meeting reporting requirements, including preparation of business, individual, and estate/trust returns. By helping organizations and individuals understand the tax implications of their decisions, our tax services go beyond simple tax compliance.

There is a tax consequence for every business decision and transaction. Our tax professionals proactively work in developing tax planning strategies that are suited to our clients’ specific needs. Our success stems from a commitment to gather up-to-date knowledge and practical yet innovative approaches. We are at ease with the most complex financial structures and make it our priority to find optimal solutions.

We offer the following tax services to meet clients’ needs:

  • Assistance in obtaining SR&ED tax credits
  • Assistance with tax audits and negotiations with government representatives
  • Business transition strategies
  • Commodity and indirect taxation (GST/QST/HST)
  • Corporate and personal tax strategic planning and compliance
  • Cross border investments and transactions
  • Estate and trust tax services
  • Estate planning and settlement
  • Re-domiciliation
  • Review and optimization of shareholder agreements and structures
  • Strategic tax planning for professionals and incorporated professionals
  • Strategies for immigrants and expatriates
  • US individual and corporate tax compliance