Being a successful business owner in today’s ever changing environment is reliant on well thought out and calculated decisions and the precise implementation of those decisions. Poorly executed strategic planning can lead to failure in any organization. Every decision a business owner makes has the capacity to affect organizational performance and its competitiveness.

The ability to make wise and practical decisions and to successfully implement such decisions can drive performance levels within the organization, assists in creating and ensuring the preservation of business value, and secure the long-term viability of the business.

Business owners are ultimately responsible for their own strategic business decisions; however, many choose to enhance their internal resources with the knowledge, experience, industry insights, and wisdom of skilled and trusted advisers. Businesses have come to rely on the consulting services offered by our team of entrepreneurial business consultants for their advisory needs.

Our consulting services include:

  • A wide range of professional CFO services to help SMEs manage their organization’s finances
  • Analysis of operational procedures, overhead structure and labour costs to help improve profitability and to assist in achieving growth objectives
  • Business succession planning to help business owners maximize their value on exiting the business, or transitioning it to the next generation of leaders when the time is right
  • Business valuation services to help business owners understand exactly where their business value stands, and what are the critical value drivers so that they can prepare for unexpected difficulties, and respond quickly to promising opportunities
  • Financial planning to assist high net worth families and business owners to effectively manage their assets
  • Identifying Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and design Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and a monitoring system to assist management in better understanding business performance
  • IT consulting to help business owners implement effective, solid technology strategies within the company to propel it to the next level
  • Organizational design, structuring the team for growth and to address under-performance issues through ongoing training or management team recruitment
  • Strategic planning and implementation services focused on building business value
  • Transaction advisory services including potential buyer identification and solicitation, preparing the business for transfer, and due diligence investigations

Whether you want to improve operations, expand into new industry sectors or markets, attract highly skilled employees or simply cut costs, we invite you to leverage the knowledge and experience of our team in helping entrepreneurs meet their goals.

RSW is proud of the close connection established with ROCG Americas and is able to provide its clients with seamless access to this international consultancy focused on helping owners maximize business value and improving performance.