RSW provides experiences for accounting graduates to pursue challenging and dynamic opportunities for career development. Our team of seasoned professionals will assist, mentor, and encourage those beginning their careers, in a supportive open-door learning environment.

Through close working relationships with our partners and senior team members, you will have the opportunity to experience all the various aspects of the accounting profession.

We seek career-oriented individuals interested in much more than a job opportunity. If you’re interested in potentially joining RSW, please provide a cover letter, or a short video explaining why you would be a valuable addition to our team, and indicate your thoughts about future career objectives, along with your resume:

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RSW Advantages for CPA Students and Career Professionals:

What will my typical hours of work be?

RSW’s standard work week is 35 hours, with this minimum increasing to about 45 – 50 hours/week during peak season, typically in April. Extra hours worked as required on a weekend during April are compensated as extra time off during the months of July and August. 

What mentoring do you offer?

Regular feedback by supervisors for client engagements is always offered on an ongoing basis, along with performance reviews led by a partner, which are designed to guide skill development and promote long-term career growth.

How much vacation and study leave will I get?

Vacation leave starts with two – three weeks in the first year with our firm, depending on your role, but builds sequentially for all to four – five give weeks per year based on levels of seniority. Other paid time off includes an allotment of sick and personal days, paid study time for accredited exams and a limited paid study leave in advance of CFE exams, and all team members are entitled to take the full workday off on their birth days.

Do you reimburse for exams and/or dues to the Order?

Accredited courses which are suggested and initiated by RSW for career supported education will be paid by the firm. Professional membership fees and required ongoing professional development training are both paid by the firm for all individuals once they receive their professional accreditation.

What social or community activities does the office participate in?

We regularly sponsor and/or support a variety of worthwhile initiatives suggested to us by members of our team. As well, we collectively rally support for those charitable and community causes that are important to many of our dedicated clients and suppliers.

Annual tax season office treats along with varying activities allow all to participate in frequent breaks to let off some steam and reconnect with their coworkers for some fun. This is typically capped off with an after-tax season dinner celebration at one of our local favorite restaurants.

Other fun team building activities are regularly planned to allow us all to spend time together outside the office.