The restaurant business has never been easy - long hours, high employee turnover, fickle customer tastes, and thin profit margins are just a few of the challenges owners face. It's no wonder restaurants have high failure rates compared with other businesses.

Today's competitive environment has made being a restaurateur even more difficult. Whether you operate one local restaurant or a national chain, we can provide you with specialized solutions to solve the problems unique to the industry. For example, we can:

  • Make sure tip reporting and other regulatory and tax compliance tasks are handled as required by the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Analyze and implement strategies to reduce expenses.
  • Assist with vendor negotiations and bidding.
  • Control and properly calculate bar and beverage costs.
  • Institute inventory level and purchasing controls.
  • Analyze financial statements against industry benchmarks.
  • Evaluate lease/ buy opportunities.
  • Prepare forecasts and projections.
  • Set up weekly profit and loss report templates.
  • Help with menu engineering, pricing and costing.
  • Assist with loan applications and evaluate other financing opportunities.
  • Provide start-up assistance, assess franchise opportunities, and prepare business plans.
  • Create a cash flow monitoring system that can enable you to increase draws.

These are just some of the consulting services our firm provides. Contact us. We understand the ingredients needed to create and operate a successful, profitable restaurant.

For more information:

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