The following chart shows changes in important federal tax information for 2017 from 2016. Some of the figures are unchanged, some are indexed to inflation and others changed because of legislation.

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Pension Contribution Limits 2017($)2016($)
Registered Retirement Savings Plan 26,01025,370
Money Purchase Registered Pension Plan26,23026,010
Deferred Profit Sharing Plan13,11513,005
Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)unchanged5,500
TFSA Cumulative Total52,00046,500


Canada and Quebec Pension Plan (CPP/QPP)2017($)2016($)
Maximum Pensionable Earnings55,30054,900
Employee/Employer Contribution Limit2,564.102,544.30
Self-Employed Contribution Limit5,128.205,088.60
Quebec Maximum Pensionable Earnings55,30054,900
Quebec Employee/Employer Maximum 2.797.202.737.05
Quebec Self-Employed Contribution Limit5,594.405,474.10


Non-Refundable Tax Credits (Base Amount) 2017($) 2016($)
Personal/spousal/equivalent to spouse11,63511,474
Age Amount (65+ years of age)7,2257,124
Net Income Threshold36,43035,927
Disability Amount8,1138,002
Infirm Dependent6,8836,787
Medical Expense (3% of net income ceiling)2,2682,237
Eligible Adoption Expenses15,66915,453
Old Age Security Repayment Threshold73,75672,809
Children's Fitness MaximumN/A 500
Children's Art MaximumN/A250
Employment Amount1,1781,161
Federal Dividend Gross Up (non-eligible payouts)Unchanged17%


Employment Insurance Maximums2017($)2016($)
Employee Premium (Federal)836.19955.04
Employee Premium (Quebec)651.51772.16
Employer Premium (Federal)1.170.671,337.06
Employer Premium (Quebec)912.111,081.02
Maximum Insurable Earnings (Federal)51,30050,800
Maximum Insurable Earnings (Quebec)51,30050,800


General Federal Corporate Tax Rates (after federal abatement and M&P rate reductions)20172016
General M&P Income unchanged15%
General Active Incomeunchanged15%
Investment Incomeunchanged15%


CCPC Tax Rates (after federal abatement, small business and rate deduction and refundable tax) 20172016
Income up to $500,000unchanged10.5%
General Active Business Incomeunchanged15%
Investment Incomeunchanged38.7%


Marginal Federal Tax Bracket Thresholds2017($)2016($)
Taxable income above which the 20.5% bracket begins45,91645,282
Taxable income above which the 26% bracket begins91,13190,563
Taxable income above which the 29% bracket begins142,353140,388
Taxable income above which the 33.0% bracket begins202,800200,000