Today’s electronic world opens the door to potential abuses, and continued vigilance is always needed. We have learned that some people have been able to modify the caller ID that appears on their phone calls with the intention of tricking the people that they call into divulging information or making payments. This is called “spoofing” and you need to be aware.

If you receive a call from your bank, a taxation authority, or even your accounting firm, be certain that you do not rely on the caller ID when divulging personal information or agreeing to make any payments. Make certain that you know the person that you are speaking with.

A prudent way of dealing with this type of situation would be to act as follows:

  • If you receive a call from a taxation authority:
  1. Never answer any questions, even simple identification questions
  2. Ask for the agent’s name, agent number, phone number and division and tell the agent that you will call him or her back
  3. Ask for the request to come in writing
  • If you receive a call from someone purporting to be from a company that you deal with:
  1. Make certain that it is someone that you already know
  2. If you are not certain that you know the caller, ask for a call-back from someone that you know, or
  3. Take the information and call someone that you know in the company and have it confirmed

We ask you to exercise vigilance when receiving communications of this type. Do not hesitate to contact our office to discuss this further or to share any concerns you may have.